• Shock-absorbing bumper structure
    The shock-absorbing bumper structure, which has the front bumper core and the front bumper support on the front bumper assembly and the front end cross member, has been adopted to reduce a risk of injury to a pedestrian’s leg area upon a collision.
  • The integrated structure has been adopted with both the front and rear bumpers, and they can be removed and installed with a use of clip only.
  • The front bumper integrating air dam has been adopted to improve the driving stability during high speed driving.
  • The air dam structure in front of tyres with the overhung front bumper at the right and left corners has been adopted to suppress the airflow against the tyres and smoothen the airflow along the bumper sides.
  • The resin front/rear bumper side bracket has been adopted to improve the alignment with the body.
  • The reflector has been equipped in the left and right of rear bumper.
  • The rear bumper pad (sound insulation pad) has been added in between the rear bumper and body to reduce the drive system high frequency noise occurring during high speed travelling.