• The height adjustable head rest has been installed.
  • For better convenience, the seating posture has been made fully adjustable depending on physique or preference. With the 16-step reclining adjustment, the seat back is adjustable with 2-degree intervals separately for left and right.
  • The reclining lever has been added to the side of the seat back, allowing the passenger to perform reclining operations while seated in natural posture.
  • To create a long, flat luggage compartment, the seat back folding mechanism has been introduced, and the usability of luggage compartment has been improved.
  • The seat backs can be folded separately for left and right without removing the head rests. This allows the user to select various seat arrangements depending on types and volume of luggage.
  • The ISO-FIX lower anchor and tether anchor have been equipped to all vehicle models to reduce the travel distance of the child seat upon collision, and to further improve safety.