1.Before inspection, set the vehicle to the pre-inspection condition.
2.Turn the ignition switch to "LOCK" (OFF) position.
3.Connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector.

4.Set the timing light to the terminal No. 4 power supply line (white-green) of the ignition coil No. 1.
5.Start the engine and let it run at idle.
6.Check that ignition timing is at the standard value.
Standard value: approximately 10° BTDC
  • The ignition timing may fluctuate within ±7°. This is normal.
  • In higher altitude, the ignition timing is more advanced than the standard value by approximately 5°.
  • Wait till approximately 1 minute passes after the engine started, and check the ignition timing when the engine stabilized.
7.Run the engine at 2,000 - 3,000 r/min for 2 minutes.
8.Set the CO, HC tester.
9.Check the CO contents and the HC contents at idle.
Standard value
    CO contents: 0.3 % or less
    HC contents: 200 ppm or less
10.If there is a deviation from the standard value, inspect the MPI system (Refer to GROUP 13C - Troubleshooting - Inspection chart trouble symptom ).
11.Remove the HC, CO tester and timing light.
12.Turn the ignition switch to the "LOCK" (OFF) position and then disconnect the M.U.T-III.