• Never measure circuit resistance in the air bag modules (squib) even with the specified tester. Measuring the circuit resistance with a tester causes accidental air bag deployment due to current that flows or static, resulting in serious personal injury.
  • When replacing the parts, discard the old parts after deploying the air bag according to the specified procedure (Refer to ).
If any malfunction is found in the following inspections, replace the air bag module with a new one.

  1. Pad cover dent, crack or deformation
  2. Check the harness and connector for damage and the terminal for deformation.
  3. Check the air bag inflator cases for dents, cracks or deformation.
  4. Check the air bag module for proper installation.


If any malfunction is found in the following inspections, replace the clock spring with a new one.

1.Check the connectors and protective tubes for damage and the terminal for deformation.
2.Check the case for damage.
3.Check that the continuity exists between the following connector terminals.

  • C-205 connector terminal 1 and horn switch connector
  • C-205 connector terminal 2 and C-204 connector terminal 5
  • C-205 connector terminal 3 and C-204 connector terminal 4
  • C-205 connector terminal 4 and C-204 connector terminal 3
  • C-205 connector terminal 5 and C-204 connector terminal 2
  • C-205 connector terminal 6 and C-204 connector terminal 1

caution Never insert the probe directly to the terminals from the front of the connector.
Check the continuity between the driver’s air bag module connectors according to the following procedures.
(1) Insert special tool extra fine probe (MB992006) from the backside of driver’s air bag module connector.
(2) Connect the circuit tester to the special tool as shown in the figure, and check the continuity among terminal No. 1 - 2 or No. 3 - 4.