caution Items to review when servicing SRS:

  1. Be sure to read GROUP 52B - Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). For safe operation, please follow the directions and heed all warnings.
  2. Wait at least 60 seconds after disconnecting the battery cable before doing any further work. The SRS system is designed to retain enough voltage to deploy the air bag even after the battery has been disconnected. Serious injury may result from unintended air bag deployment if work is done on the SRS system immediately after the battery cable is disconnected.
  3. Warning labels must be heeded when servicing or handling SRS components. Warning labels can be found in the following locations.

  • Sun visor
  • Clock spring
  • Air bag module (Driver’s or front passenger’s)
  • Side-airbag module (Driver’s side or front passenger’s side)
  • Seat belt with pre-tensioner (Right and left)
  • Glove box
  • Curtain air bag module (Right and left)
  • Lap pre-tensioner
  • Passenger’s air bag cut off switch
  • Always use the designated special tools and test equipment.
  • Store components removed from the SRS in a clean and dry place. The air bag module should be stored on a flat surface and placed so that the pad surface is facing upward. Do not place anything on top of it.
  • Never attempt to disassemble or repair the SRS components (SRS-ECU, air bag module and clock spring).
  • Whenever you finish servicing the SRS, check the SRS warning lamp operation to make sure that the system functions properly.
  • Be sure to deploy the air bag before disposing of the air bag module or disposing of a vehicle equipped with an air bag (Refer to GROUP 52B - Air Bag Module Disposal Procedures).
  • Observe the following when carrying out operations on places where SRS components are installed, including operations not directly related to the SRS air bag.

    1. When removing or installing parts, do not allow any impact or shock to the SRS components.
    2. If heat damage may occur during paint work, remove the SRS-ECU, the air bag module, clock spring, the front impact sensor, the side impact sensor, and the seat belt pre-tensioner.

    • SRS-ECU, air bag module, clock spring, front impact sensor, the side impact sensor: 93 °C or more
    • Seat belt pre-tensioner: 90 °C or more