Intermittent malfunctions often occur under certain conditions, and if these conditions can be ascertained, determining the cause becomes simple. In order to ascertain the conditions under which an intermittent malfunction occurs, first ask the customer for details about the driving conditions, weather conditions, frequency of occurrence and trouble symptoms, and then try to recreate the trouble symptoms. Next, ascertain whether the reason why the trouble symptom occurred under these conditions is due to vibration, temperature or some other factor. If vibration is thought to be the cause, carry out the following checks with the connectors and components to confirm whether the trouble symptom occurs. The objects to be checked are connectors and components which are indicated by inspection procedures or given as probable causes (which generates diagnosis codes or trouble symptoms).

  • Gently shake the connector up, down and to the left and right.
  • Gently shake the wiring harness up, down and to the left and right.
  • Gently rock each sensor and relay, etc. by hand.
  • Gently shake the wiring harness at suspensions and other moving parts.
note If determining the cause is difficult, the drive recorder function of the M.U.T.-III can also be used. (For details on how to use the M.U.T.-III, refer to the "M.U.T.-III operation manual).