1.Before inspection, set the vehicle to the pre-inspection condition.

2.Turn the ignition switch to the "LOCK" (OFF) position and then connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector.

3.Set the timing light to the power supply line (terminal No.3) of the ignition coil No. 2.
note The power supply line is looped and also longer than the other ones.
4.Start the engine and let it run at idle.
5.Check that ignition timing is at the standard value.
Standard value: approximately 10° BTDC
  • The ignition timing may fluctuate within ±7°. This is normal.
  • In higher altitude, the ignition timing is more advanced than the standard value by approximately 5°.
  • Wait till approximately 1 minute passes after the engine started, and check the ignition timing when the engine stabilized.
6.Check the idle speed.
Standard value: 600 ± 100 r/min
note The idle speed is controlled automatically by the idle speed control system.
note When using the M.U.T.-III, select item No. 2 and take a reading of the idle speed.
7.If the idle speed is outside the standard value, inspect the MPI system (Refer to GROUP 13C - Troubleshooting - Inspection chart for trouble symptom ).
8.Remove the timing light.
9.Turn the ignition switch to the "LOCK" (OFF) position and then disconnect the M.U.T.-III.