1.Check the operating of the fuel pump by M.U.T.-III to force-drive the fuel pump.

2.If the fuel tank pump does not operate, follow the procedure below to check the pump for operation. If it is normal, check the driving circuit.
(1) Turn the ignition switch to the "LOCK" (OFF) position.
(2) Remove the second seat assembly (refer to GROUP 52A - Second Seat Assembly ) and turn up the floor carpet.
(3) Remove the floor inspection lid (LH).
(4) Disconnect the connector of the fuel tank pump module.
(5) When the battery is connected to the fuel tank pump module connector (fuel tank pump module side), check that the pump operating sound can be heard. When the pump operating sound cannot be heard, replace the fuel tank pump. (Refer to GROUP 13B - On -vehicle service, Fuel Pump Module Replacement .)
note The operating sound of the fuel tank pump is difficult to be heard because the pump is in-tank type. Therefore, remove the fuel filler cap to check the sound from the fuel filler port.
(6) Connect the fuel tank pump module connector.
(7) Install the floor inspection lid (LH).
(8) Return the floor carpet to the original condition and install the second seat assembly. (Refer to GROUP 52A - Second Seat Assembly .)