When the pipe between the fuel additive tank and the fuel tank is disconnected for replacing the fuel additive tank, the pipe must be filled with the fuel additive to ensure the accurate amount of fuel additive filled into the fuel tank. Use M.U.T.-III to bleed air from the pipe after installing the pipe according to the following procedures.
caution Do not drive the fuel additive pump without using M.U.T.-III. Unless using M.U.T.-III, a great difference might occur between the actual remaining amount of fuel additive and the amount of fuel additive calculated by the engine-ECU. Use M.U.T.-III to drive the fuel additive pump only one time.

Air Bleeding Procedure

1.After the ignition switch is in "LOCK" (OFF) position, connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector.
2.Turn the ignition switch to "ON" position (But do not start the engine).
3.Select SPECIAL FUNCTION from the function menu on MPI/GDI/DIESEL display.
4.Select RESET from the SPECIAL FUNCTION menu.
5.Select "Additive system" from the RESET menu.
6.Pushing the "OK" button, drive the fuel additive pump for the air bleeding.