1.Carry out the following check.
Inspection procedure
Check conditions
Items to be checked (Normal conditions)
Brake pedal: Depress
Ignition switch position: "LOCK" (OFF) or removed
The selector lever cannot be moved out of "P" position.
Ignition switch position: "ON"
The selector lever can be moved from "P" position to other positions smoothly.
Selector lever position: Other than P
The ignition switch cannot be turned to the "LOCK" (OFF) position.
Selector lever position: P
The ignition switch can be turned to the "LOCK" (OFF) position smoothly.

2.If the normal conditions are not obtained after performing the above operations, install the key interlock cable in the following procedures. (Automatic adjustment)
(1) Disconnect the key interlock cable connection (selector lever side).(Refer to .)
caution Leave the ignition switch in the "LOCK" (OFF) position until the key interlock cable installation is completed.
Move the selector lever to the "P" position and turn the ignition switch to the "LOCK" (OFF) position.
(3) Install the tip of the key interlock cable to the lock cam of the selector lever assembly, taking care not to twist the inner cable.
(4) Install the adjuster case with its lock guide pulled up (unlocked).
(5) Securely push down the lock guide to lock it.
note The lock position of the key interlock cable is automatically adjusted by a spring.