warning Do not let anyone stand in front of or behind the vehicle while this test is performed.
caution The A/T fluid temperature should be between 70 - 90°C during the test.
Check the A/T fluid level and temperature. Check engine coolant temperature.

  • A/T fluid level: "H" mark on the dipstick
  • A/T fluid temperature: 70 - 90°C
  • Engine coolant temperature: 80 - 100°C
2.Raise the vehicle so that the wheels are free to turn.

3.Connect the special tools (3.0 MPa oil pressure gauge [MD998330] and adapters [MB992127 ]) to each pressure discharge port.
4.Apply the parking brakes fully.
5.Restart the engine.
6.Check that there are no leaks around the special tool port adapters.
7.At the "D" position, measure the hydraulic pressure during idling (engine speed: 650 ± 50 r/min).
Standard value: Approx. 0.385 - 0.525 MPa
caution The throttle should not be fully open for more than five seconds.
At the "D" position, fully depress the foot brake pedal. Then fully depress the accelerator pedal while checking the hydraulic pressure indicator, and quickly read the maximum hydraulic pressure.
Standard value: Approx. 1.53 MPa
9.Stop the engine.
10.Remove the O-ring from the port plug and replace it.
11.Remove the special tool, and install the plugs to the hydraulic pressure ports.
12.Start the engine and check that there are no leaks around the plugs.