caution When working on the brake disc such as for replacement, make sure that the wheel speed detection magnetic encoder should not collect foreign materials.
1.Remove the caliper assembly and hold it with a wire.
2.Temporarily fix the brake disc with the hub nut.

3.Set a dial gauge on the brake disc approximately 5 mm inside the periphery, and measure the runout of the brake disc.
<Front> 0.06 mm
<Rear> 0.08 mm

4.When the runout exceeds the limit value, correct the brake disc runout in the following procedure.
(1) Before removing the brake disc, mark the wheel stud on the side of greater runout and its both sides with a chalk.
(2) Remove the brake disc. Set a dial gauge as shown in the figure, and measure looseness of the hub in the axial direction.
Limit: 0.05 mm
(3) When the looseness exceeds the limit value, replace the front or rear hub assembly.
(4) When the looseness is within the limit value, install the brake disc after changing the phase between the hub and the brake disc, then check the runout of the brake disc again.
5.If the runout cannot be corrected by changing the phase of the brake disc, replace the brake disc.