• To prevent the ball joint thread from being damaged during operation, just loosen the tie-rod end mounting nut from the ball joint (do not remove it). To remove the ball joint, use the special tools.
  • To prevent the special tool from dropping off, suspend it with a rope.
Use special tool ball joint remover (MB9921897 or MB992011) to disconnect the tie-rod from the knuckle.

2.Turn the bolt and knob to make the special tool jaws parallel, then hand-tighten the bolt. After tightening, check that the jaws are still parallel.
note To adjust the special tool jaws to be parallel, set the knob as shown in the figure so that it functions as a fulcrum of the jaws.
3.Turn the bolt and disconnect the tie-rod end from the steering knuckle.

4.Operate the ball joint stud to the right and to the left five times respectively, and install the nut to the stud. Use special tool preload socket (MB990326) to measure the rotation torque of the ball joint.
Standard value: 2.9 N·m or less
5.If the measurement is greater than the standard value, replace the tie-rod end(Refer to ).
6.If any looseness or scraping feeling is experienced in the ball joint, even when the measurement is within the range of the standard value, the ball joint should be judged to be faulty. In this case, replace the tie-rod end.