If a collision accident occurs or severe impact is applied on the steering wheel, the collision energy absorbing mechanism may have operated. Once the mechanism has operated, it will be inoperative even it has suffered no apparent damage. Determine if the steering column shaft can be reused by the following procedure. If the collision energy absorbing mechanism has already operated, replace the steering column shaft assembly.
If any excessive radial free play on the steering wheel is found with the tilt lever in the lock position, always replace the steering shaft assembly.
  • If the vehicle continues to be driven after the collision absorbing mechanism has operated, the steering column shaft may be damaged while it is in use.
  • If there is a slack in the one-way capsule, do not attempt to repair it but replace the steering column shaft assembly.


1.Remove the ignition key cover, lower column cover, and upper column cover.
2.Release the tilt lever lock.
3.Loosen the two upper steering column mounting bolts by two turns.

4.Hold the one-way capsules as shown in the figure, and then try to rock them. If there is a slack in either of the capsules, replace the steering column shaft assembly.
  • Be careful that nothing is pinched between the one-way capsules and the body.
  • When the replacement, removal, or installation of the steering column shaft assembly is performed, tighten the mounting bolt of the one-way capsule side to the specified torque first.
5.If no malfunction has been found after the inspection, hand-tighten the steering column mounting bolts, and then tighten them to the specified torque.
Tightening torque: 12 ± 3 N·m