• The battery plugs should be removed during charging.
  • The battery electrolyte level may rise and overflow from the battery during charging.
  • Explosions may occur if the battery is brought close to naked flames during charging.
  • Be careful to avoid tasks that might produce sparks or other danger while the battery is charging.
  • After charging is complete, replace the battery plugs, pour water over the battery to rinse away any sulphuric acid, and let the battery stand to dry.
  • Charge the battery in a well-ventilated location.
  • Do not let the battery electrolyte temperature rise above approximately 45°C (approximately 55°C during rapid charging).

Battery type
Capacity (5-hour rate)
Normal charging current
Rapid charging current
52 A
5.2 A
52 A
55 A
5.5 A
55 A
64 A
6.4 A
64 A

Determine when charging is finished.