Inspection Procedure 16: CD can Not be Inserted.


STEP 1. Check that a CD has been already loaded.

Q. Has a CD been already loaded?

STEP 2. Check how a CD is inserted.

  • Ensure that the ignition switch is at "ACC" or "ON".
note If you try to load a CD when the ignition switch is at the positions other than "ACC" or "ON", the CD will not be inserted completely and then rejected.

Q. If you try to load the CD, does the CD stops halfway and then rejected?

STEP 3. Check after the CD is loaded.

note Even though the CD is loaded, "ERROR" (error) is sometimes displayed with the CD rejected because of vibration/shock or dew on the CD face or optical lens.

Q. Though the CD is inserted completely, is "ERROR" (error) displayed and the CD ejected?

STEP 4. Check the CD.

  • Is the CD loaded with its label facing down?
  • Is the recorded face dirty or scratched?
  • Is there dew on the recorded face?

Q. Is the CD in good condition?

STEP 5. Check again using a normal CD, which is not dirty or scratched.

  • Load another normal CD.
  • Check that the CD player recognizes and play the CD.

Q. When you substitute another normal CD, is the CD loaded correctly?