• A front room lamp, installed to the front part of the roof, has been equipped with the lens-push type map & room lamp which can be operated easily from the driver’s and front passenger’s seat, offering an excellent operability for turning on and off the lamp.
  • The rear room lamp which illuminates the rear passenger’s seat is installed to above the second seat.
  • The luggage room lamp which illuminates the luggage room is installed to the upper part of the luggage room.
  • A glove box lamp has been added to the glove box.
  • The centre console down lamp has been installed to the upper surface of the centre lower box.
  • To provide safety for the foot area when getting into or off the third seat, foot lamps have been installed to the backside of the second seat cushion. The foot lamp is turned ON and illuminates the foot area of third seat for approximately 10 seconds when the tumble unlocking lever is operated to return the second seat to a seat occupancy position.
  • A ignition key cylinder lamp has been added to the ignition key cylinder. <Vehicle without KOS>
  • The dimmer interior lamp control function and ignition key cylinder illumination lamp control function have been adopted for the interior lamp (Refer to Function and Control by ETACS-ECU ).


Front room lamp (map and room lamp) W × quantity
8 × 2
rear room lamp W
Luggage compartment lamp W
Glove box lamp W
Centre console down lamp
LED type
Foot lamp W
Ignition key cylinder illumination lamp W