In each section, all specifications are listed, including optional specifications. Accordingly, some specifications may not be applicable for individual vehicles.
Basic contents
Component locations
Locations are shown for each point of relays, ECUs, sensors, solenoid valves, inspection connectors, fusible links, fuses, etc. In the part’s lists, parts are listed in alphabetical order.
Configuration diagrams
Connector locations and harness wiring configurations on actual vehicles are illustrated.
Circuit diagrams
Circuits from power source to earth are shown completely, classified according to system. There is a main division into power source circuits and circuits classified by system.

    The entire circuit for the ETACS-ECU is described, because only the part of the ETACS-ECU needed is normally shown in each circuit diagram.
  • J/C
    The internal circuits for all joint connectors are described, because only the part needed is shown in each circuit diagram.
  • Power source circuits
    Circuits from the battery to fusible link, fuse, ignition switch, etc are shown.
  • Circuits classified by system
    For each system, the circuits are shown from fuse to earth, excluding the power source sections.