warning When touching the throttle valve, surely shut off the driving circuits of the throttle valve. In the event that the throttle valve is operated, a finger might be injured as the result of being caught by the throttle valve.
caution When throttle body is cleaned, use the M.U.T.-III to initialise the learning value (Refer to GROUP 00 - Precautions Before Service - Initialisation Procedure for Learning Value in MPI Engine ).
1.Disconnect the electronic-controlled throttle valve connector.
2.Remove the air intake hose from the throttle body.
3.Remove the throttle body assembly.
caution Do not spray the cleaning fluid directly to the throttle valve.
4.Spray the cleaning fluid on a clean cloth.
  • Make sure it does not enter the sensor through the shaft.
  • Do not remove molybdenum. which is applied around the throttle valve of the throttle body.

5.Wipe off the dirt around the throttle valve with the cloth sprayed with cleaning fluid.
6.Install the throttle body assembly.
7.Install the air intake hose.
8.Connect the electronic-controlled throttle valve connector.