Use special tool power plant ECU check harness (MB992110), check the engine-ECU terminal voltage.
1.Remove the engine-ECU (Refer to GROUP 13A - Engine-ECU <4B1>, GROUP 13C - Engine-ECU <4J1>).

2.Connect special tool MB992110 between the engine-ECU and the body-side harness connector.
3.Measure the terminal voltages between the check connector terminals of special tool MB992110 and earth terminals No.81 or 93.

Terminal No.
Check item
Check condition
Normal condition
Clutch switch <M/T>
Ignition switch: "ON"
Release the clutch pedal.
10 V or more
Depress the clutch pedal.
1 V or less
Cruise control switches power supply
Ignition switch: "ON"
All switches: Released.
4.7 - 5.0 V
Speed limiter ON/OFF switch: Pressed.
0 - 0.5 V
Cruise control ON/OFF switch: Pressed.
0.9 - 1.7 V
CANCEL switch: Pressed.
1.9 - 2.7 V
SET - switch: Pressed.
2.9 - 3.6 V
RES + switch: Pressed.
3.8 - 4.5 V
Stop lamp switch (brake switch)
Ignition switch: "ON"
Depress the brake pedal.
System voltage
Release the brake pedal.
1V or less