Interview is the first step of the diagnosis. It requires a correct observation of the actual trouble symptom, and a proper judgment without preconceived idea. If the trouble symptom has occurred when the vehicle is brought, it is easy to check the fact. However, when the trouble has not occurred at that time, it is important to have an interview with the user to gather information about the reproduction conditions, and exert maximum effort to reproduce the trouble.
note These interviews should be listed up.
1.Does it occur when the engine is cold or after it is warmed up?
2.Does it occur on a specific road (slope, curve, long straight road, bumpy road, etc.)?
3.Does it occur with the vehicle speed in a specific range or at vehicle stop?
4.Does it occur during acceleration or deceleration?
5.Does it occur sometimes or consecutively?
6.Does it occur in the selector lever position "P," "R," "N," or "D"?
7.Does it change in accordance with the vehicle speed or the engine speed?
8.Does it occur with a specific accelerator angle (e.g. half throttle)? Does it occur at the time of traffic jams?
9.Does it occur all of a sudden recently or has it been noticeable since the vehicle was delivered?
10.(Other) Does it occur after the vehicle experienced the following conditions?: Heavy load, rain, water passage or river, mountain road or rough road; Installation of car navigation, remote controlled starter, audio device, radio transmission equipment, theft prevention device, etc, Addition of battery fluid; Other vehicle troubles.