Basic adjustment and maintenance of the A/T needs to be checked.
Check items
  1. Check the power supply voltage, and check the voltage with the engine stopped. (If malfunction occurs, charge or replace that.)
  2. Check the A/T fluid for abnormalities of level, smell, fouling, and colour.
  3. Check the transmission control cable and linkage. (If dislocation occurs, adjust that.)
  4. Check the connector connection, fouling, corrosion, and fixing status of the A/T-related electric wire.
  5. Stall test (If the speed is below the specified value, check the engine side.)
  6. Hydraulic pressure test
  7. Engine idle speed, speed change occurrence (If a failure occurs, check the engine side.)
  8. Check the presence of non-genuine devices (car navigation, remote controlled starter, audio device, radio transmission equipment, theft prevention device, aeroparts, etc.), the presence of power supply wiring and the additional signal wiring. Then, remove improper power supply, signal wiring, and parts to check.