Inspection Procedure 11: The select shock is large when the selector lever position is shifted from "N" to "D", and "N" to "R."


  • Malfunction of the engine: Idle speed
  • Poor adjustment of inhibitor switch
  • Malfunction of the A/T-ECU
  • A/T failure: Hydraulic system (valve body assembly), driving force transmission system (clutch/brake)


STEP 1. Check the engine performance.

Especially check that the idle speed does not exceed the specified value.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Go to Step 2.
Repair the failure, and perform adjustment.

STEP 2. Check and adjust the inhibitor switch.

Refer to ,.
If the inhibitor switch has a failure, replace it, and then check the trouble symptom again.

Q. Is the check result normal?

The procedure is complete.
Go to Step 3.

STEP 3. Replace the A/T-ECU.

Q. Is the failure resolved?

The procedure is complete.
Go to Step 4.

STEP 4. Compare with another same model vehicle.

Q. Is there a difference from the same model vehicle?

Go to Step 5.
The procedure is complete.

STEP 5. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle.

Disassemble and check the transmission assembly to check if there is a foreign material inside.

Q. Is the check result satisfactory?

Replace the transmission assembly.
Replace the failure part.