This test measures the maximum engine speed when the selector lever is in the "D" position and the torque converter stalls. This tests the operation of the torque converter, stator and one-way clutch operation, as well as the holding performance of the clutches and brakes in the transmission.
warning Do not let anyone stand in front of or behind the vehicle while this test is performed.
1.Check the A/T fluid level and temperature. Check the engine coolant temperature.

2.Chock both rear wheels.
3.Connect a tachometer.
4.Apply the parking and service brakes fully.
5.Start the engine.
  • The throttle should not be fully open for more than five seconds.
  • If you repeat the stall test when the A/T fluid temperature is greater than 80°C, move the selector lever to the "N" position and let the engine run at approximately 1,000 r/min for at least one minute. Wait until the A/T fluid temperature returns to 80°C or less.
Move the selector lever to the "D" position. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and read the maximum engine speed.
Standard value: Stall speed: 2,300 - 2,800 r/min