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Three bond 1216B
Converter housing


This transmission has several areas where the form-in-place gasket (FIPG) is used for sealing. To ensure that the FIPG fully serves its purpose, it is necessary to observe some precautions when applying it. Bead size, continuity and location are of paramount importance.
Too thin a bead could cause leaks. Too thick a bead, on the other hand, could be squeezed out of location, causing blocking or narrowing of fluid passages. To prevent leaks or blocking of passages, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to apply the FIPG evenly without a break, while observing the correct bead size.
FIPG hardens as it reacts with the moisture in the atmospheric air, and it is usually used for sealing metallic flange areas.
caution When re-applying liquid gasket (FIPG), be sure that:

  1. Residues of FIPG are cleared from all the ins and outs of parts;
  2. Use MITSUBISHI MOTORS GENUINE parts cleaner (MZ100387) or equivalent to well degrease the FIPG-applied surface.
  3. FIPG is correctly applied in accordance with FIPG Application.


Parts sealed with a FIPG can be easily removed without need for the use of a special method. In some cases, however, the FIPG in joints may have to be broken by tapping parts with a mallet or similar tool.

Surface Preparation

Thoroughly remove all substances deposited on the FIPG application surface, using a gasket scraper.
Make sure that the FIPG application surfaces is flat and smooth. Also make sure that the surface is free from oils, greases and foreign substances. Do not fail to remove old FIPG that may remain in the fastener fitting holes.

FIPG Application

Applied FIPG bead should be of the specified size and free of any break. FIPG can be wiped away unless it has completely hardened. Install the mating parts in position while the FIPG is still wet. Do not allow FIPG to spread beyond the sealing areas during installation. Avoid operating the transmission or letting oils or water come in contact with the sealed area before a time sufficient for FIPG to harden (approximately one hour) has passed.
FIPG application method may vary from location to location. Follow the instruction for each particular case described later in this manual.