1.Place the gearshift lever or selector lever in the Neutral position, pull the parking brake lever, and then raise the vehicle using a jack.
2.Remove the propeller shaft (Refer to GROUP 25 - Propeller Shaft ).
3.Remove the electronic control coupling (Refer to ).

4.Install special tool drive pinion holder (MB992113) to the drive pinion. Lightly push the special tool to the left to eliminate free play between the drive pinion serration and the special tool and then put a mark on the flange.

5.Rotate the special tool clockwise until it stops, and then put a mark on the flange. Measure the distance between the marks.
Limit: 5 mm
6.If the backlash exceeds the limit, remove the differential carrier assembly and check the following.

  • Drive gear backlash (Refer to )
  • Differential gear backlash (Refer to )