caution During diagnosis, a diagnosis code associated with other system may be set when the ignition switch is turned on with connector(s) disconnected. On completion, confirm all systems for diagnosis code(s). If diagnosis code(s) are set, erase them all.
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M.U.T.-III cannot communicate with the electronically controller 4WD system.

Shifting the 4WD switch does not change the mode

The tight corner braking phenomenon* appears with the 4WD switch in the 4WD ECO or 4WD AUTO position.
note The vehicle is tuned so that the tight corner braking phenomenon appears at a certain level with the drive mode in the LOCK position.

No diagnosis code is set even when the 4WD-E/LOCK indicator lamps flash.

note *Tight corner braking phenomenon: When a 4WD vehicle makes sharp cornering in a paved road at low speed (ex. parallel parking), there is a difference in turning radius between front and rear wheels. If such a difference can no longer be compensated by tyre slippage, the vehicle behaves as if it is under braking.