1.Raise the vehicle using a jack and support the specified points with a rigid rack.
caution Before connecting or disconnecting M.U.T.-III, always turn the ignition switch to the LOCK (OFF) position.
Before setting M.U.T.-III, turn the ignition key to the LOCK (OFF) position.
3.Confirm that the selector lever is in the "N" position, and then start the engine.
4.When carrying out the actuator tests No. 01 to 04, perform the actuator tests using M.U.T.-III while depressing the brake pedal. When carrying out the actuator tests, rotate the wheel by hands to confirm that the braking force changes.
  • While performing the actuator test, the ABS warning lamp flashes at a rate of 2 Hz.
  • When ABS-ECU is disabled due to the fail-safe function, the M.U.T.-III actuator test cannot be performed.
  • After the actuator test has been performed, the ABS warning lamp and brake waning lamp illuminate until the ignition switch is turned to ON again or the communication between M.U.T.-III and ABS-ECU is terminated.

This is indicated as shown in the above.
6.When any malfunction has been found, take a necessary action according to the "Judgement Table."
Display on M.U.T.-III
Inspection result
Probable cause
01 FL wheel speed sensor
02 FR wheel speed sensor
03 RL wheel speed sensor
04 RR wheel speed sensor

  • Depress the brake pedal to lock the vehicle.
  • Select the vehicle to be inspected using M.U.T.-III, perform the actuator test.
  • Rotate the selected wheel by hands to confirm the braking force.

Braking force decreases for 3 seconds from the lock status.
The wheel does not lock even if the brake pedal is depressed.
Clogged brake line other than hydraulic unit
Check and clean the brake line.
Clogged hydraulic circuit in the hydraulic unit
Replace the hydraulic unit assembly.
Braking force does not decrease.
Faulty routing of hydraulic unit brake tube
Route the brake tube correctly.
Malfunction of hydraulic unit solenoid valve operation
Replace the hydraulic unit assembly.
7.After the inspection, turn the ignition switch to the LOCK (OFF) position, and then disconnect M.U.T.-III.

Hydraulic unit installation adjustment

1.Operate the pre-removal steps for the hydraulic unit. (Refer to .)
2.Remove all brake tubes.
3.Loosen the mounting bolt and nut of the hydraulic unit bracket.
4.Install all brake tubes temporarily.
5.Shake hydraulic unit to all directions with both hands to make the hydraulic unit bracket insulator fit with the unit.
6.Install the hydraulic unit bracket with mounting bolt and nut not to load the brake tube.
7.Install all brake tubes securely.
note Install the flare nut taking care not to let the brake tube turn together.
8.Operate the post-installation steps of the hydraulic unit. (Refer to .)