1.The ABS is a system which controls the brake pressure by means of the operation of the ECU. Accordingly, the following symptoms may occur at times, but these are a sign of normal ABS operation, and do not indicate a malfunction.
Explanation of phenomenon
When the engine starts, a knocking sound can be heard coming from the engine compartment.
This sound occurs as a result of system operation checking, and is not a malfunction.

  • Sound of the motor inside the ABS hydraulic unit operation. (whine)
  • Sound is the generated along with vibration of the brake pedal. (scraping)
  • When ABS operates, sound is generated from the vehicle chassis due to repeated brake application and release. (Thump: suspension; squeak: tyres)

This is the sound of normal system operation, and is not a malfunction.
Shocks are felt if the brake pedal is depressed when driving at low speed.
This is due to system operation checking (starting-of check when the vehicle speed reaches a certain number of km/h) and is not a malfunction.
2.For road surfaces such as snow-covered roads and gravel roads, the braking distance for vehicles with ABS can sometimes be longer than that for other vehicles. Accordingly, advise the customer to drive safely on such roads by lowering the vehicle speed and not being too overconfident.
3.Diagnosis detection condition can vary depending on the diagnosis code. Make sure that checking requirements listed in the "Comment" are satisfied when checking the trouble symptom again.