caution After the next operation has been completed, carry out the following two operations:

  1. Update the neutral position stored in the steering wheel sensor.
  2. Reset the calibrated value of the steering angle stored in ASC-ECU.

  • Alignment adjustment <Front>
  • Steering wheel sensor (column switch assembly) replacement, removal, installation
  • ASC-ECU replacement
  • Before performing the calibration, check if the steering wheel sensor-related diagnosis code is set in ASC-ECU.
  • When the diagnosis code other than C121A is set, carry out inspection according to each troubleshooting procedure.
1.Park the vehicle on a level surface with tyres and steering wheel positioned in a straight ahead direction.
caution Before connecting or disconnecting M.U.T.-III, always turn the ignition switch to the LOCK (OFF) position.
Before setting M.U.T.-III, turn the ignition key to the LOCK (OFF) position.
3.Ignition switch: ON
4.Select "Steering angle sensor."
5.Select "Special function."
6.Select "SAS Calibration."
7.Select and run "SAS Initialization." (Reusable parts only)
  • Since the neutral position stored in the steering wheel sensor is no longer available, "SAS Initialization" is displayed.
  • Since a new steering wheel sensor has no neutral position, "SAS Calibration" is displayed.
8.Select and run "SAS Calibration."
9.Exit "Steering angle sensor" menu, and then select "ABS/ASC/ASTC/WSS."
10.Select "Special function."
11.Select "Sensor calibration."
12.Select and run "SAS calibration."
13.Check whether the ASC-ECU-related diagnosis code is set.
14.Erase the diagnosis code.
note Erase the diagnosis code C121A.
15.Before removing M.U.T.-III from the vehicle, turn the ignition key to the LOCK (OFF) position.