1.ASC controls brake pressure by the assistance of ECU. The symptoms described in the chart below may occur during the normal ASC operation, and they do not indicate any sign of malfunction.
Description of symptoms

  • When the ASC operates, the operating noise is generated from the motor. (Squeak noise)
  • Noise is generated from the brake pedal together with the vibration. (Gride noise)
  • When ABS operates, the system repeats the activation and deactivation. At this time, the noise is generated from the chassis components. (Clonk: Suspension, Squeaky: Tyres)

These noises are generated when the system and brake pedal operate normally, and they do not indicate any sign of malfunction.

  • A slight shock may be felt when depressing the brake pedal lightly during the low speed driving.
  • Small clicking noise may be heard from the engine compartment.

This noise is generated when the system operation check (startup check performed at the vehicle speed which is a few km/h higher than the predetermined vehicle speed) is performed, and it does not indicate malfunction.
2.On the snowy or gravelled roads, a vehicle with ABS would have longer braking distance compared to the one without ABS. Considering this characteristics, advise the customer to drive the vehicle safely at lower speed and not to put too much confidence in the ABS system when driving on the above-mentioned roads.
3.The diagnosis code detection condition depends on each diagnosis code. When the trouble symptoms are rechecked, conditions described in the description for the diagnosis code procedures should be met.