1. MB992744
  2. MB992745
  3. MB992746
  4. MB992747
  5. MB992748

  1. Vehicle communication interface-Lite (V.C.I.-Lite)
  2. V.C.I.-Lite main harness A (for vehicles with CAN communication)
  3. V.C.I.-Lite main harness B (for vehicles without CAN communication)
  4. V.C.I.-Lite USB cable short
  5. V.C.I.-Lite USB cable long

Electrical power steering check (Diagnosis code display, data list display and actuator test display by M.U.T.-III)


  1. MB991824
  2. MB991827
  3. MB991910
  4. MB991911
  5. MB991825
  6. MB991826
M.U.T.-III sub-assembly

  1. Vehicle Communication Interface (V.C.I.)
  2. M.U.T.-III USB cable
  3. M.U.T.-III main harness A (Vehicles with CAN communication system)
  4. M.U.T.-III main harness B (Vehicles without CAN communication system)
  5. M.U.T.-III measurement adapter
  6. M.U.T.-III trigger harness
caution For vehicles with CAN communication, use M.U.T.-III main harness A to send simulated vehicle speed. If you connect M.U.T.-III main harness B instead, the CAN communication does not function correctly.
Electrical power steering check (Diagnosis code display, data list display and actuator test display by M.U.T.-III)


  1. MB991219
  2. MB991220
  3. MB991221
  4. MB991222
Harness set

  1. Check harness
  2. LED wiring harness
  3. LED wiring harness adapter
  4. Probe
Continuity check and voltage measurement at harness wire or connector

  1. Contact pressure inspection at connector pin
  2. Power supply circuit inspection
  3. Power supply circuit inspection
  4. Commercial tester connection

Extra fine probe
Making voltage and resistance measurement during troubleshooting

MB991897 or MB992011
Ball joint remover
Knuckle and ball joint disconnection
note Steering linkage puller (MB990635 or MB991113)is also used to disconnect knuckle and tie rod end ball joint.

Preload socket

  • Ball joint rotation torque measurement

  • Steering column shaft total rotation torque measurement

Preload socket
Steering gear total pinion torque measurement

Steering wheel puller
Steering wheel disconnection

Bellows band clipping tool
Tie-rod bellows band installation


Variable spanner
Tie-rod removal and installation