caution After adjusting the steering angle, always perform calibration to make ASC-ECU learn the neutral position of the steering wheel sensor. (Refer to GROUP 35C, On-vehicle Service - Steering Wheel Sensor Calibration .) <Vehicles with ASC>
1.Check that the wheel alignment is normal. (Refer to GROUP 33 - On-vehicle Service, Front Wheel Alignment Check and Adjustment (Refer to .)

2.Place the front wheel onto the turning radius gauge, and measure the steering angle.
Standard value:
Inner wheel
38° 50’ ± 1° 30’
(Difference between right and left wheels must be 2°00’ or less)
Outer wheel (Reference value)
32° 20’

3.If the measured value is not within the standard value, adjust the tie-rod ends (right and left), and repeat Steps 1 and 2.
4.If the measured value is not within the standard value after performing Step 3, replace the steering gear and linkage assembly. (Refer to .)