If a door window glass wrongly, automatically lowers while being raised, adjust or replace it as follows:
1.Remove a door trim assembly (Refer to GROUP 52A - Door Trim ).
2.Remove a waterproof film (Refer to ).
3.Remove a door speaker cover and door speaker bracket <Vehicles with audio amplifier> (Refer to ).
4.Remove a window regulator assembly (Refer to ).
5.Raise and lower the door window glass by hand to check the operation force.

6.If the door window glass does not move up and down smoothly, check and repair as follows:

  • Check the installation condition of a door window glass runchannel.
  • Check a door sash for twist and bend.
  • Check the installation condition of a lower sash.
7.If repair or adjustment is impossible, replace the door assembly (Refer to ).