Adjustment tool, washer nozzle
Injection angle adjustment of the washer nozzle

  1. MB992744
  2. MB992745
  3. MB992746
  4. MB992747
  5. MB992748

  1. Vehicle communication interface-Lite (V.C.I.-Lite)
  2. V.C.I.-Lite main harness A (for vehicles with CAN communication)
  3. V.C.I.-Lite main harness B (for vehicles without CAN communication)
  4. V.C.I.-Lite USB cable short
  5. V.C.I.-Lite USB cable long


    a: MB991824
    b: MB991827
    c: MB991910
    d: MB991911
    e: MB991825
    f: MB991826
M.U.T.-III sub-assembly

    a: Vehicle Communication Interface (V.C.I.)
    b: M.U.T.-III USB cable
    c: M.U.T.-III main harness A (Vehicles with CAN communication system)
    d: M.U.T.-III main harness B (Vehicles without CAN communication system)
    e: M.U.T.-III measure adapter
    f: M.U.T.-III trigger harness
caution For vehicles with CAN communication, use M.U.T.-III main harness A to send simulated vehicle speed. If you connect M.U.T.-III main harness B instead, the CAN communication does not function correctly.


    a: MB991219
    b: MB991220
    c: MB991221
    d: MB991222
Harness set

    a: Check harness
    b: LED harness
    c: LED harness adapter
    d: Probe
Continuity check and voltage measurement at harness wire or connector

    a: For checking connector pin contact pressure
    b: For checking power supply circuit
    c: For checking power supply circuit
    d: For connecting a locally sourced tester

Extra fine probe
Continuity check and voltage measurement at harness wire or connector