By operating the M.U.T.-III ETACS system, the following functions can be customised. The programmed information is held even when the battery is disconnected.
Adjustment item (M.U.T.-III display)
Adjustment item
Adjusting content (M.U.T.-III display)
Adjusting content
Intermittent time of rear wiper
Adjustment of rear wiper interval
0 sec
No wiper interval
4 sec
4 seconds
8 sec
8 seconds (initial condition)
16 sec
16 seconds
Front /rear wiper washer
Disabling or enabling washer-linked wiper function
Only Washer
No function
Washer & Wiper
With function: Without delayed finishing wipe function <Initial condition>
With after wipe
With function: With delayed finishing wipe function
Rear wiper Low speed mode
Disabling or enabling rear wiper continuous operation
No function
With function (initial condition)
Rear wiper (linked reverse gear)
Adjustment of automatic rear window wiper operation with reverse gear engaged
Enable(R wip.ON)
Operates only when the rear wiper switch is ON.
Enable(R/F wip.)
Operates only when the front or rear wiper switch is ON (initial condition).