Using a photometer, and following its manufacture’s instruction manual, measure the headlamp intensity and check to be sure that the limit value is satisfied.
Limit: 30,000 cd or more (When a screen is set 25 m ahead of the vehicle)
  1. When measuring the intensity, maintain an engine speed of 2,000 r/min, with the battery in the charging condition.
  2. There may be special local regulations pertaining to headlamp intensity, be sure to make any adjustments necessary to satisfy such regulations.
  3. Check that the headlamp intensity of the high-beam satisfies the limit value.
  4. If an illuminometer is used to make the measurements, convert its values to photometer values by using the following formula.

    I = Er2:

      I=intensity (cd)
      E=illumination (lux)
      r=distance (m) from headlamps to illuminometer