After the operation below is completed, initialise the ETACS-ECU.


Before the initialisation operation, check that the diagnosis code No. B2215, B2514, B2515, B2516, U0331 is not set to the ETACS-ECU. If it is set, perform the troubleshooting before the initialisation. (Refer to .)
1.Park the vehicle on a level surface.
2.If the fuel tank is not filled up, put weight in the luggage compartment to make up for the fuel shortage so that the weight will become 90% of full-state weight or heavier. (0.8 kg per litter)
3.There should be no other load in the vehicle other than driver or substituted weight of approximately 75 kg placed in driver’s position.
4.Connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector (For how to connect the M.U.T.-III, refer to GROUP 00 - Diagnosis function ).
5.Turn the ignition switch to "ON" position. (Do not start up the engine.)
6.Select the M.U.T.-III screen menu as follows.
(1) Select "ETACS" displayed on the "System selection" screen.
(2) Select "Special function."
(3) Select "HS initial position learning."
7.The ETACS-ECU initialisation is completed.
8.Repeat the procedure if a diagnosis code is set by turning the ignition switch from "LOCK (OFF)" to "ON" again.
9.Perform the headlamp aiming (Refer to Headlamp Aiming .)