By operating the M.U.T.-III ETACS system, the following functions can be customised. The programmed information is held even when the battery is disconnected.
Adjustment item (M.U.T.-III display)
Adjustment item
Adjusting content (M.U.T.-III display)
Adjusting content
Room lamp delay timer with door
Adjustment of interior lamp delay shutdown time
0 sec
0 second (no delay shutdown time)
7.5 sec
7.5 seconds
15 sec
15 seconds (initial condition)
30 sec
30 seconds
60 sec
60 seconds
120 sec
120 seconds
180 sec
180 seconds
Interior lamp auto cut timer
Adjustment of interior lamp automatic shutdown function operation time
No function
3 min
3 minutes
30 min
30 minutes (initial condition)
60 min
60 minutes