Code No.B1761 Chassis No. not programmed

  • Before replacing the ECU, ensure that the power supply circuit, the earth circuit and the communication circuit are normal.
  • When the ETACS-ECU of vehicles without KOS is replaced, the encrypted code of the ignition key needs to be registered to the ETACS-ECU. (If the encrypted code is not registered, the engine cannot be started. Register the encrypted code as described in Immobilizer System - How to Register Key ID .)


If the chassis number is not written to the ETACS-ECU, the ETACS-ECU sets diagnosis code No. B1761.



Check whether the diagnosis code is reset.

Check again if the diagnosis code is set to the ETACS-ECU.
(1)Erase the diagnosis code.
(2)Turn the ignition switch from "LOCK" (OFF) position to "ON" position.
(3)If no chassis number is stored in the ETACS-ECU, check whether a chassis number is stored in the engine-ECU.(Refer to GROUP 13A - Diagnosis code No.P0630 "Chassis Number not Programmed" ).
(4)Check if diagnosis code is set.

Q. Is the diagnosis code set?

Replace the ETACS-ECU.

The diagnosis is complete.