Code No.C1706 LDW CAMERA adjustment Not COMP

  • Before replacing the ECU, ensure that the power supply circuit, the earth circuit and the communication circuit are normal.


The LDW-ECU will store diagnosis code No. C1706 when it has never adjusted the LDW camera image.


If the LDW-ECU has never adjusted the LDW camera image (the image focus adjustment of the camera is incomplete), it will determine that the system is defective.



STEP 1. Check the camera mounted surface on the windshield.

Visually check the LDW camera mounted surface on the windshield for scratch, cracks, contamination or drain drops.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Adjust the LDW camera image. (Refer to GROUP 54A - How to adjust the LDW camera image ). Then go to Step 2.

Windshield glass replacement (Refer to GROUP 42A - Windshield Glass Removal and Installation .)

STEP 2. Check whether the diagnosis code is reset.

Check if the diagnosis code No. C1706 is set to LDW-ECU.
(1)Turn the ignition switch from the LOCK (OFF) position to the ON position.
(2)Check if the diagnosis code is set.

Q. Is the diagnosis code set?

Replace the LDW-ECU.

The trouble can be an intermittent malfunction (Refer to GROUP 00 - How to use Troubleshooting/inspection Service Points - How to Cope with Intermittent Malfunction ).