Functionality, interior comfort, and safety have been emphasized, giving interior design for elegance and relaxation space. Various measures have been taken actively to protect the environment and recycle resources.


Quality improvement
  1. Full interior trim
  2. The double-action folding mechanism of the second seat allows to flip up the seat cushion and then fold the seatback with easy operation. Due to this, a lowered flat cargo space can be achieved without any compromise to seating comfort.
Usability improvement
  1. Armrest (rear floor console, second seat, front door trim, rear door trim)
  2. Cup holder (front floor console, second seat armrest)
  3. Bottle holder
  4. Tonneau cover <Vehicles with tonneau cover>
  5. Luggage hook
Convenient boxes
  1. Glove box
  2. Card holder (glove box)
  3. Seatback pocket (front seat)
  4. Centre lower tray
  5. Rear console tray
  6. Rear floor console box
  7. Rear side box (lower quarter trim RH)
  8. Door pocket (front door trim, rear door trim)
Safety enhancement
  1. Front and rear collision protection seat mechanism (front seat)
  2. ISO-FIX child seat fixing bar (second seat outside)
  3. Tether anchorage (second seat outside)
  4. ELR 3-point seat belt
  5. Seat belt retractor with a driver’s side pre-tensioner and force limiter
  6. Seat belt retractor with a passenger’s side pre-tensioner and force limiter
Consideration for the optimum driving position
  1. Seat height adjustment (driver’s seat)
  2. Headrestraint with height adjustment (front seat)
  3. Seat slide adjustment (front seat)
Measures for resource recycling
  1. Aggressively use PP materials that are easy to recycle and easy to stamp material symbols on the plastic (resin) parts.
  2. Reduction of chemical material (formaldehyde*, organic solvent)
note *: Clear and colourless, toxic, irritating odour