The ultrasonic sensors installed on the rear corner bumper and rear bumper detect obstacles at the vehicle corners. These sensors have been adopted to inform the driver of the obstacle distance from the vehicle using the buzzer in corner sensor/back sensor-ECU, and to improve the safety and vehicle drivability during driving the vehicle into a garage and parking in a narrow space.

caution When the illuminated licence plate is installed, the sensors may not operate because of noise from the plate.Refer to FAIL-SAFE FUNCTION (1)

note The detection range of the sensor varies with temperature and humidity. Obstacles below the bumpers or a curbstone not taller than the sensor position may be hard to be detected.



By shifting the gear to the reverse position and operating the sonar switch (corner sensor switch), the system can be turned ON (reversing sensor indicator: ON) and OFF (reversing sensor indicator: OFF).


By operating the sonar switch (corner sensor switch), "TOWING BAR MODE" and "STANDARD MODE" can be changed.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
  2. Move the shift lever or selector lever to the "R" (reverse) position.
  3. Turn off the reversing sensor system by operating the sonar switch (corner sensor switch).(Reversing sensor indicator: OFF)
  4. Press and hold the sonar switch (corner sensor switch) for approximately 5 seconds.
  5. The buzzer* sounds and the mode is switched between "TOWING BAR MODE" and "STANDARD MODE".
note *: Sounds twice when the mode is switched to "TOWING BAR MODE". Sounds once when the mode is switched to "STANDARD MODE".


The buzzer sound of the corner sensor/back sensors is the same. The buzzer in the corner sensor/back sensor-ECU sounds based on the closer alarm cycle having a higher priority.

Distance between back sensor and obstacles
Buzzer duration
The standard mode
The towing bar mode
Less than approximately 40 cm

Buzzer: OFF
Approximately 40 to 60 cm

Approximately 60 to 80 cm

Approximately 80 to 100 cm

Approximately 100 to 120 cm

Approximately 120 to 150 cm

Distance between corner sensor and obstacles
Buzzer duration
Less than approximately 25 cm

Approximately 25 to 40 cm

Approximately 40 to 50 cm


  1. When the ultrasonic noise is received, the bass toned buzzer sound continuously. When the ultrasonic noise stops, the normal operation will be resumed immediately.
  2. When the abnormality such as the open circuit of a sensor occurs, the sensor turns OFF and the high toned buzzer sounds for 5 seconds. When the normal signal is received, the normal state will be resumed.
  3. When an abnormality occurs in the system, the reversing sensor indicator keeps flashing with 0.8-second interval until the system returns to the normal condition. However, if the system is turned OFF by using the switch, the indicator stops its flashing.