ETACS-ECU FUNCTIONS AND CONTROLS <Vehicles without security alarm sensor>

SECURITY ALARM FUNCTION (Default: interior protection 10 seconds)


1.Operating the door lock with the keyless entry transmitter or keyless operation key (except for operating the door lock with the key cylinder) makes the vehicle ready for the alarm, and "ping" tone starts.
2.After 20 seconds, the incorrect door opening (opening door or tailgate without unlocking by the keyless entry) sounds the room alarm with "Beep" tone under the alarm state.
3.After 10 seconds, in addition to the "Beep" tone, the hazard lamps blink, and the horns sound intermittently for 27 seconds to execute exterior protection. If the hood is opened while the vehicle is under the alarm state or the interior protection state, the exterior protection will be executed immediately.
note *:Using a customisation function, the shift time from the interior protection to the exterior protection can be changed to 6 seconds.(Refer to CUSTOMISATION FUNCTION ).


If the interior protection or the exterior protection is activated between the last OFF operation and the next ON operation of the ignition switch, this function informs the driver by flashing the security alarm indicator and by the buzzer.