The premium sound system applies "Rockford Fosgate®", American top car audio brand, as same as current model. All the electronics devices, circuits, like audio unit and premium amplifier, and sound structures, such as door speakers and subwoofer are newly developed. And the sound system is tuned thoroughly by professional Mitsubishi and Rockford engineers, the Rockford Fosgate® premium sound system accomplished higher sound quality than the current model having high reputation at world wide markets.


Various attractive new sound adjusting functions are added, to select sound setting precisely, according to various user preferences.

Surround technology: DTS Neural Surround

Multi-channel surround enhancement technology developed by DTS, surround sound from the rear speakers, even 2-channel music source.

Media expander: PremiDIA-HD

Compensate sound quality of the compressed digital music source.

Automatic volume control technology: Dolby Volume

Auto volume level adjusting technology developed by Dolby, reduce volume changes between different volume level source.

Wide stereo technology: PremiDIA-WIDE

Emphasize stereo image more expanded, beyond cabin space.

Listening Position selector

Sound quality optimization according to the location of the listeners.

3 levels speed compensated volume (SCV)

Select from 3 levels of SCV effect (+OFF) accordingly from driving noise (current model: fixed value, SCV ON or OFF).