The LDW operates in the three stages below:
note The indicator and warning depend on these stages. If predetermined warning conditions are satisfied, the buzzer will sound.

  1. Operation status (LDW: ON)
  2. Warning monitor status (standby)

1. Operation status (LDW: ON)

If all of the conditions below are satisfied, the LDW switch will be active. When the switch is operated with it active, the operation status will be switched between "OFF" (LDW disabled) and "ON" (LDW enabled). (LDW operation status switching function)

  1. The ignition switch is turned from "OFF" to "ON" or "START"
  2. The LDW pre-check function is inactive (four seconds or more elapse since the ignition switch is turned "ON" for the first time).
  3. The LDW is not defective

2. Warning monitor status (standby)

If all of the conditions below are satisfied, the LDW will enter the warning monitor status (standby mode).

  1. The operation status is "ON."
  2. The LDW is not defective
  3. Vehicle speed is 65 km/h or more
  4. The stop lamp switch is "OFF" (the brake pedal is released)
  5. Seven seconds or more have elapsed since the side turn-signal lamp (LH or RH) was turned "OFF".
  6. The LDW camera has recognised a lane successfully or three seconds.
    note If a lane disappears suddenly, the system will extend the existing lane by 15 m as virtual lane. (If lane division lines are dotted-lines, the system also recognises them one continuous line.)
  7. Your vehicle is being driven on a road which radius exceeds 250 m.


If your vehicle intrudes a warning range, the LDW will provide visual and audible warnings. The warning will be activated for 10 seconds in maximum. Even if the vehicle exits from the range soon, the warning will continue for at least three seconds.

Variable warning range

The warning range depends on your vehicle’s approaching speed to the lane line, or the distance between your vehicle and the lane line as shown.

Deactivating the warning

If your vehicle exits from the warning range or the predetermined warning time elapses, the system will deactivate the warning and return to the standby mode.

Disabling the warning

If a lane width is approximately 2.6 m or less or a lane is closed due to construction work, the system will disable the warning to prevent false operation.

Resuming the warning

The LDW stores the range where the repeated warning is inhibited. If a warning is activated once, that range will become active. When your vehicle exits from that range, the warning will be permitted again.