caution When repairing the area using sound dampening foam material do not use firing tools since the sound dampening foam material may burn.



1.To cut the welding points between the centre pillar reinforcement and side sill reinforcement outer rear, cut the side outer panel as shown.

2.Remove the roof rail extension rear inner as the centre pillar inner upper remains on the vehicle body and cannot be removed. Slit the roof side rail inner as shown, and pull it towards you to remove it.


1.To guarantee the strength of the centre pillar cut-off area, cut off the side outer panel as shown.

2.When installing the new centre inner pillar parts, remove the centre pillar inner lower from the centre inner pillar.

3.When installing the new centre outer pillar part, because the sound dampening foam material cannot be filled into the centre pillar, machine the body loose panel cushion (MR565301 or MR435765) as a substitute according to the method shown in the figure, and then attach it to the body.