Precautions during service

1.Be sure to read GROUP 52B - SRS Air Bag, and follow the instructions and observe the precautions to perform the work safety. (Refer to .)
warning The negative terminal of the auxiliary battery should remain connected for two minutes after the power supply mode of the electric motor switch is turned off.
Before maintenance, wait for 60 seconds or more after disconnecting the auxiliary battery negative (-) terminal. Wrap the disconnected (-) terminal with tapes for insulation.
note The condenser in SRS-ECU holds the voltage that is necessary to deploy the air bag for a certain period after the battery voltage is released. An operation within that period may deploy the air bag, resulting in a serious injury.
3.Follow the description on the caution labels to service and handle the SRS air bag and seatbelt with pre-tensioner. The caution labels are placed on the following locations.

4.Be sure to use the tester and special tools specified in this manual.
5.Store the components of the removed SRS air bag and seatbelt with pre-tensioner in a clean and dry place. Store the air bag module on a flat surface with the pad facing upward, and do not put anything on it.
6.Never disassemble or repair the components of the SRS air bag and seatbelt with pre-tensioner (SRS-ECU, air bag module, clock spring, front impact sensor, side impact sensor, and pre-tensioner). If faulty, replace it with new one.
7.When the service on the SRS air bag and seatbelt with pre-tensioner is completed, check the SRS warning lamp illumination and confirm that the system operates normally.
8.Before disposing of the air bag module & seat belt with pre-tensioner, or of the vehicle equipped with SRS air bag & seat belt with pre-tensioner, be sure to deploy the air bag or operate the pre-tensioner.
warning When servicing in the area around the components of the SRS air bag and seatbelt with pre-tensioner, follow the procedures below, even if the service is not directory related to the SRS air bag or seatbelt with pre-tensioner.