• The negative terminal of the auxiliary battery should remain connected for two minutes after the power supply mode of the electric motor switch is turned off.
  • Do not remove the service plug for 5 minutes after disconnecting the auxiliary battery negative terminal.
caution If the auxiliary battery is disconnected, the control timer which operates the engine forcibly will be reset. If the engine does not start for prolonged period after the reset, the fuel injection system may be clogged. To avoid this, press the battery charging switch to start the engine. Note that the battery charging switch may not be turned on if the drive battery is almost fully charged. In that case, wait until the drive battery is partially discharged.

When replacing or repairing the auxiliary components of electrical system, remove the negative (-) battery terminal in advance to prevent any burnout caused by short circuit.
note When the negative (-) battery terminal is disconnected, a part of diagnosis code may be deleted.