warning Do to wash the vehicle while the drive battery is being charged. Serious injury may be caused due to electric shock.
  • Prior to a car wash, turn off the power supply mode of the electric motor switch.
  • Prior to a car wash, make sure that the charging lid is closed securely. If the charging lid is not closed securely, water may enter the charging system, thus causing a malfunction.
  • Do not use a high-pressure car washing machine to clean the underbody. The electric motor unit may be damaged or defective.
  • Do not allow water to enter the electric motor unit room.
  • After the car wash, depress the brake pedal several times to dry the brake while the vehicle is being driven at low speed. If you leave the vehicle wet for a long time, the brake will be weakened or seized due to corrosion or icing.

If high-pressure car-washing equipment or steam car-washing equipment is used to wash the vehicle, be sure to note the following information in order to avoid damage to plastic components, etc.

  • Spray nozzle distance: Approx. 40 cm or more
  • Spray pressure: 3,900 kPa or less
  • Spray temperature: 82°C or less
  • Time of concentrated spray to one point: within 30 sec.